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I just got the book in the mail. I have to say, that is an enormous amount of information for the price. There are a lot of great licks and ideas that I haven't seen before, and believe me, I've looked! I have another book that is sort of in the same mold “The Guitar Licktionary,” but nowhere near as extensive, it's good, just not as good as yours. I'm a teacher myself, and the guitar never ceases to amaze me as to the breadth of music that the guitar can cover. I've spent 20+ years focusing mostly on jazz playing, so seeing all these great ideas in other styles makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!

So, thanks again Mike.

Dave Lockwood, Atlanta GA




I have to let you know how much your 333 book has helped me an enormous amount. It is the most comprehensive and important guitar book I have ever read. I have picked books by so-called "pros" before and nothing I have read prior to this has had the clarity, diversity and overall positive effect on my playing as this book has. The look on my band mates faces when I through out your open string lick on a dirgy black sabbath-ish song we have was priceless. I know I might be rambling but just want to say that you and your book have done a lot for me and made my playing a lot more interesting, as well as making my goal of being able to play all styles effectively seem a little bit closer to reality.


Nate B., Boston MA




Thanks Mike for a great book, resource and FUN !
Folks, this book written by Mike is a no brainer to own. I received mine today and I can't hardly put it away, the video sessions are worth the entire price alone, the rest of the education is priceless. The 333 Book is in my view the finest MUSIC book I have ever purchased and I can see me using it for years. Thanks Mike for a job well done. P.S. Man, you covered a lot of ground here!


Tony Prior, Charlotte, NC




Both as a player and instructor, I collect instruction books for various instruments, learning something from every one, even if it's "I wouldn't have done it that way!” The amazing 333 Book by Mike Ihde gets it all right. No fluff, no "system", just 333 killer licks, ideas, scales, chord exercises, tricks, in all kinds of styles and vibes. ANY guitarist playing in any genre will find loads here to spice up their playing and kick-start whole new approaches, all in a "just pick any page and go to town" format. Deeply inspiring! The included DVD has many of the licks played with full band backing to get the feel and groove, and hours of video interview/demo clips from many players on various instruments. The insight and styles illustrated from various points of view are a whole different set of inspirations to draw from. Repeated viewings recommended to get the most from a vast well of experience and style! Since I’m also a Steel player I greatly enjoy the inclusion of wonderful clips from Emmons, Auldridge and Jernigan.

I can't recommend this book highly enough. Get it.

Mark Van Allen, Loganville GA




I've been working through this book and it is packed with great info. Enough to keep me busy for years! I especially like the way the jazz stuff is presented more simply than a lot of other books I've used.


Joseph Carlson, Sacramento CA




Rather than an instruction book per se, it's kind of like a guitar cookbook that you can dip into whenever you need a jolt of inspiration or feel like learning something new. I've been looking at guitar books for 30+ years and there's a few things in here I've never seen anywhere else.
But the best part is the ancillary video/audio: imagine 20-45 min clips of steel player of the likes of Billy Robinson, Mike Auldridge, Bobbe Seymour, Buddy Emmons, Doug Jernigan, and the amazing bottleneck wizard, Dave Tronzo all playing tunes, demonstrating licks and talking about their music and their approach to the instrument in an intimate, casual setting. It’s like getting a lesson of a lifetime from the all-time masters. The standard guitar players on the DVD are fantastic too covering everything from Ray Flake’s country to Wes and George Benson's octave technique.
I'm reminded of reading Guitar Player Magazine in the 70s & early 80s when I would devour each new set of instructional columns and pick up interesting new licks in all genres. This is a fun and inspiring book that must have taken a ton of work to produce.


Andy Volk, Needham MA